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Doki Hrunting [WIP]

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Name: Doki Hrunting

Age: Ninety-seven

Race: Sura

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Face: Beowulf | Skullgirls


Height: 200 cm | 6'7"

Weight: 130kg | 287lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Black

Overall: Doki is an extremely large and an extremely muscular man, seeming even colossal for his race. His face is mostly clean-shaved, save for a five o'clock shadow that never seems to grow any darker than it already does. Doki's eyes are plain and black, appearing as black orbs sitting on the white of his sclera; when excited they become slightly lighter, revealing amber-colored eyes. His eyes are actually reminiscent of a wolf's own, something that accentuates his wolf motif. His hair itself is black and unkempt in the morning, but it fixes itself with a few brush strokes to a neat and calm style that shows some of his forehead. It does not outwardly appear to be affected by the sway of breeze, maintaining its form effortlessly. His canines are especially sharp and longer than the average Sura, also appearing wolf-like in their nature. Doki's body is well defined and toned, showing the fruit of many years of arduous physical tasks and strenuous training.

He possesses a very muscular body that does not inhibit him from performing reflexive maneuvers. Hair grows along his massive arms, chest, back, legs, and other areas. However, the hair is most pronounced along his arms and legs. Doki is also very well-endowed. He seems to be seething in testosterone, at times, just by looking at the entirety of his frame. Clothing-wise, it varies. However, the man does have a standard outfit that he can mostly be seen wearing. Doki dons a charcoal gray tank top tucked into dark brown pants. His shoes are more akin to boots, albeit very large to accommodate his equally large feet. Suspenders hold a wolf pelt to his shoulders, appearing much like a cape. Attached to the pelt is the head of the wolf, albeit without its bottom jaw. It has been fashioned to act as a hood for Doki in times of need. Fur from the same wolf is attached to the legs of his pants, covering his thighs and ankles completely and stopping at where his shoes begin.

Extra: TBA



  • Physical Exercise: Doki takes good care in making sure he is in physical shape, as he believes that it is crucial to have a strong body to withstand hardships and turmoil
  • Fighting: Doki seeks to grow progressively stronger, and believes that each fight he encounters takes him further to his goal of being one of the greatest fighters. If he finds it logical and appropriate, he will seek and enter situations of combat


  • Quitters: Doki is well aware that there are limits and most beings have it. However, someone who quits before they reach their limit and squanders opportunity to progress is someone Doki looks down upon.
  • Pork: Doki has no problem with pigs and what they are as animals, but doesn’t like the taste of pork in any light. He will eat it if need be, but only if there is no other food.


  • Enlightenment: Leviathan seeks to attain Enlightenment, a mental stage of complete understanding of his terrestrial situation. Through this Leviathan believes he can transcend the powers of his race and become more in-tune with the forces of nature more than ever.


  • Mass Destruction: Widescale destruction to the point of endangerment is a major fear of Leviathan; life is sacred, but the conflict is inevitable. However, death on a massive level.
  • Eternal Turmoil: The cycle of rebirth and having to constantly exist in a plane of suffering and anguish for eternity is what disturbs Leviathan the most. Being subjected to being reincarnated over and over is a spiritual kind of fear, something that is strong-rooted into his very being

Combat Style

Style Name: TBA

System: AURA

Style Description: TBA


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Reference: (Who referred you here? Please state their username, they can get rewarded when you reach C-Rank.)

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