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The Current World

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Eos, one of the few known continents of the world. A land once torn by war, left devoid of life now struggles to rebuild and maintain its now unstable peace. It's inhabitants separated by wastelands and beast riddled territories. Only a mere 2000 years have passed since the Age of Strife, a time where brother was pitted against brother and many races were sent to extinction. Prosperous civilizations were lost only to be replaced with ruins and forgotten stories of their once divine rule. While the wounds of such an era still remain, those who have survived strive to return to their former glory, albeit in their own way. 


The race of Humans has settled into the Southern reaches of the land, forming cities, towns, and kingdoms of their own. From their mistakes they have learned many things, creating various tools and machinations to better stabilize their lives. Using their various resources they have created Knights, larger and stronger than those of its original meaning. With them, they maintain order within their Kingdoms, subjugate beasts to protect their lands, and regrettably quarrel amongst one another for power. While intelligent, Humans are eternally subject to greed, corrupted by power and seemingly doomed to repeat their mistakes. However, that does not apply to everyone. There are always those who seek peace and prosperity, those with noble mindset who work to undo the wrongs of their forefathers and stop those who wish to do harm. Each kingdom currently struggles for power to maintain order or create more chaos, but only time will tell who will prevail in the realm of Humans.


Unlike their Human counterparts, Demons and their respective realm currently live in a stable time of peace. Brought together under the Monarchy of the Demon King, and ruled by the rules of the strong, various races of Demons have coexisted for the past 2000 years without incident. This, however, does mean that there is no fighting. While not internally, battles still plague the Demon Realm, coming from an external force that resides within the Limit Lines. Known simply as barbarians, various races who have chosen to not live under the rule of the Demon King fight for the last pieces of land that exist within the realm. Kept at bay behind various walls and forts the Demon Race constantly strives to protect themselves from invaders and have thus become more close to one another as a result, one of the many reasons for their well kept 'peace'. At this time the Demon King, Mitra rules alongside his wives of various races and assorted concubines. His betrothal to each serve as a bond between races, but their marriages are more than just political. While Demon King Mitra may seem stoic, he is actually very warm hearted and loves all within his kingdom deeply, especially his wives and confidants. 

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