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Economic Guidelines

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Missions are one of the main ways to make income when traversing the world. Missions can be attained and turned it at various guilds and other establishments. Each mission will come with a requirement before it can be taken by a user. Upon requesting the mission you will be allowed to carry it out in a thread, however, it cannot be turned in until a moderator or higher determines that you have no conflicting topics or any restrictions at the time of the mission. Only 3 missions can be taken at a time, and it is required that the posts regarding them are in some way linked to reason. For example, after fighting Orcs in a cave, you cannot suddenly find yourself in a forest fighting Goblins in the same topic completing a different mission. A separate topic should be made for each topic with a general reason or logic as to how you end up completing the next quest. Each topic will be reviewed by staff in cases of multiple missions and some questions may be asked to verify authenticity.



Shops come in all shapes and sizes with plenty of things to buy or sell. There are many things to buy such as equipment, items, and materials. There is a major shop in every kingdom, village or realm if you wish to purchase something from the shop keep. Generally, most shops sell the same things except there are shops that only sell region specific items depending on what you're looking to buy. You can also sell appraised items for forty percent of its current value back to the NPCs. Shops not only provide raw materials but they could also provide many services such as making a weapon or teaching a recipe for a piece of equipment or making a technique book. 



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