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Many things I say here will also show up in the rules as this is generally a TL;DR of sorts for those with short attention spans. Although I do this to make your lives somewhat easier I still expect people to at least take a quick look at the rules and follow them accordingly. Simply put be mindful of what you say, don't post things you know you shouldn't, and don't go overboard in trying to be a demi-god, no one likes a try hard. The site praises skill and works to not only provide enjoyment but help foster those who wish to better themselves in RP as a whole. Rules are not set in stone and may change, but fairness is always the main concern on this site. Preferential treatment is not a thing, as the Owner I will remain a neutral party in regards to dealing with punishment, that isn't to say I am not human, however. Decisions are the result of multiple factors, be it a person personality, past experiences, or the matter at hand. If you don't want to be treated "unfairly" as most will probably use as an excuse, be yourself don't treat those in the position of power as the ones who decide your life or death. Act the way you would with anyone else, I am personally a friendly person with a decent level of patience. So long as you don't take me for an idiot and try to butter me up for a "freebie" (which will NEVER happen) then you're less likely to find yourself in a tough situation down the road. I am also lenient in my rulings simply because I understand that mistakes happen, things can be said in the heat of the moment, and so on. But that will only apply to small issues, this is the culmination of my passion and hard work, show respect for it otherwise I won't be polite. You'll notice I'm very laid back when OOC, but I do my best to remain professional while dealing with the site and character related business, so don't be surprised when you see me switch back and forth. Anyway, in closing, be nice, have fun, and ask me if ya need anything!


Below will be a list of links for guides and rules to better help you acclimate to the site.


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