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  1. The Aegis Gate is a fortified structure, similar to a Great Wall that stretches across the Northern border of Grisaia, separating the Northern Limit Line from the Kingdom. Strengthened by magic and military might this wall has remained standing since its creation 2000 some odd years ago. Due to various forms of magic the gate serves as a border between the Kingdoms green grasslands, and the Northern Limit Lines tundra wasteland. Protected by 2 of the 5 Captain, this Gate is said to be the safest, yet deadliest battleground.
  2. The Kingdom of Grisaia is currently in a peaceful state, ruled by the current Demon King and maintained by his elite squad of 5 Captains. However, peace only lasts within the walls of the Kingdom. Constant threats of invasion from the Limit Lines are an almost daily occurrence. While this is nothing new, and many have grown accustomed to this it does not mean that the situation may not one day change. The Barbarian tribes of the various Limit Lines have changed their normal tactics of reckless aggression and are becoming smarter, it may be attributed to a change in leadership or an overall progression of their society, no one knows for sure at this moment. For the citizens of the Kingdom, however, peace is absolute. The races all coexist under the law of the strong, set by Mitra Ignus and those before him. To Demons, strength is absolute and they find no need to question one who holds enough power to both rule the Kingdom and Destroy it if he so chooses. Despite how it may sound they do not necessarily fear him, and more so respect him, all aware of his nature as a ruler who serves his people in a righteous manner. As a result the Kingdom in its current state is prosperous and is steadily progressing through its Golden Age. Demon King Mitra currently rules with his 6 wives and various concubine, having at least 1 from each race. Be the marriage diplomatic or passionate he is well respected regardless.
  3. The Kingdom of Silhouette Gear. The progenitor of the Gear Series, due to their geographic location within the realm their access to resources in making Silhouettes is lacking, however, they easily make up for it with their intelligence. Creating the minimalistic Silhouette Gears, the Kingdom of Jura has produced a smaller more mobile suit made for multiple forms of combat. While not as strong and overpowering as a Silhouette Knight or Warrior, their advanced degree of mobility and stealth allows for frightening tactics. The Gear Series alone has allowed the Jurans to maintain a stalemate against the Kingdom of Lestat for over a century.
  4. The Kingdom of Silhouette Knights. The progenitor of the Knight Series, always in constant feud with Jura over technology in resources, stems from their long history with one another and their current geographic location. As a Kingdom residing in the South West they are plagued by the Limit Lines giant monster species. However, this also works to their benefit, using the defeated monsters as resources for their Knights. Their army of Knights is the largest amongst the 3 Kingdoms.
  5. The Kingdom of Silhouette Warriors. As a former Kingdom of Soldiers and Slaves, they lack the original knowledge that the other 2 Kingdom possesses in the field of Silhouettes. However, what they lack in knowledge they make up for in general strength. Using the fact that they are a militaristic Kingdom who had no prior relation to the other two Kingdoms they have at times used their conflict to their advantage to capture and study the other two Kingdoms Silhouettes. As a result, the quality of their Silhouette Warriors is lower, being second-hand products or poor quality reproductions but their ingenuity has allowed them to create models of Silhouettes outside the norm, not restricted by the human form.
  6. Characters from other forums may be brought over to the site for a certain time, how long this will be in effect will be up to my decision and may change with the development of the site. For the time being those who wish to bring their previously made characters over may do so, so long as the situation regarding their entry into the world has a valid reasoning behind it. i.e. Summoned by a Sorcerer, Died and Reincarnated, Fell into a Magical Portal etc. Those characters will have their ranks, levels, stats etc. carried over depending on the situation and in a way that does not negatively influence the site. Money, items, and the like will be taken into consideration but promises cannot be made as fairness is the number one goal.
  7. Eos, one of the few known continents of the world. A land once torn by war, left devoid of life now struggles to rebuild and maintain its now unstable peace. It's inhabitants separated by wastelands and beast riddled territories. Only a mere 2000 years have passed since the Age of Strife, a time where brother was pitted against brother and many races were sent to extinction. Prosperous civilizations were lost only to be replaced with ruins and forgotten stories of their once divine rule. While the wounds of such an era still remain, those who have survived strive to return to their former glory, albeit in their own way. The race of Humans has settled into the Southern reaches of the land, forming cities, towns, and kingdoms of their own. From their mistakes they have learned many things, creating various tools and machinations to better stabilize their lives. Using their various resources they have created Knights, larger and stronger than those of its original meaning. With them, they maintain order within their Kingdoms, subjugate beasts to protect their lands, and regrettably quarrel amongst one another for power. While intelligent, Humans are eternally subject to greed, corrupted by power and seemingly doomed to repeat their mistakes. However, that does not apply to everyone. There are always those who seek peace and prosperity, those with noble mindset who work to undo the wrongs of their forefathers and stop those who wish to do harm. Each kingdom currently struggles for power to maintain order or create more chaos, but only time will tell who will prevail in the realm of Humans. Unlike their Human counterparts, Demons and their respective realm currently live in a stable time of peace. Brought together under the Monarchy of the Demon King, and ruled by the rules of the strong, various races of Demons have coexisted for the past 2000 years without incident. This, however, does mean that there is no fighting. While not internally, battles still plague the Demon Realm, coming from an external force that resides within the Limit Lines. Known simply as barbarians, various races who have chosen to not live under the rule of the Demon King fight for the last pieces of land that exist within the realm. Kept at bay behind various walls and forts the Demon Race constantly strives to protect themselves from invaders and have thus become more close to one another as a result, one of the many reasons for their well kept 'peace'. At this time the Demon King, Mitra rules alongside his wives of various races and assorted concubines. His betrothal to each serve as a bond between races, but their marriages are more than just political. While Demon King Mitra may seem stoic, he is actually very warm hearted and loves all within his kingdom deeply, especially his wives and confidants.
  8. Name: Pest Extermination Rank: D Description: A local farmer is having trouble with giant rats that have been eating his crops. Kill ten of them and you will be rewarded. They are puppy-sized rats, so do not take them on lightly. Try not to cause too much destruction to the soil. The farmer still needs to make crops. Reward: 100 GP
  9. At this very moment missions are being added into the site that will provide users with a form of income for the site, as well as something to do in between regular social and combat threads. Each mission will have a rank and reward as stated in its respective regulations. While the number of missions may not be many at the moment they are repeatable and we do welcome suggestions for more missions. Those who provide ideas or missions themselves will be rewarded in a way that reflects their participation. To help keep things neat in regards to that the support tab has been altered for the moment to allow for ideas and suggestions for various "departments". You can navigate to it using the support tab above, or use the link here. Please use the templates below to provide your ideas in each ticket. [b]Quest Name:[/b] [b]Rank:[/b] [b]Description:[/b] [b]Item Name:[/b] [b]Rank:[/b] [b]Description:[/b] [b]Event Name:[/b] [b]Description:[/b] [b]Reward:[/b]
  10. Name: Apprenticing for Undertaker Rank: D Description: There is an undertaker working for a small town that was just hit by a freak plague. Almost everyone is dead and the survivors want a proper burial for each and every dead person. The undertaker is willing to pay anyone who will help him to bury bodies before the next day. Reward: 100 GP
  11. Name: Apprenticing for Blacksmith Rank: D Description: A local blacksmith just lost her previous apprentice in a freak accident with molten iron. She is paying anyone to help her for at the least a day. While she goes about hiring a new permanent apprentice. She will instruct you how to forge properly before she leaves. Forge one dozen basic long swords before she gets back and you will . Reward: 100 GP
  12. Name: Local Mentoring Rank: C Description: Residents of the Kingdom have a problem concerning how the youth are being raised. They roam the streets in small gangs bullying those less fortunate. You have been tasked with seeking out one of these small groups and intimidating them into submission. Have a talk with them and send them on the right path. Or you can scare them into submission. Don’t forget: they’re only kids, do not hurt these kids or you will fail this mission.
  13. Name: Community Service Rank: D Description: Public officials have offered a good sum of money to help the local senior day center with activities to keep the seniors entertained. Do what you can do, as long as you don’t damage the property. Board games, a show or even finding a movie to watch is appreciated. Reward: 100 GP
  14. Name: Public Disorder Rank: D Description: A man by the name of Samuel Clemens has appeared at the local being drunken and disorderly. Local authorities are too pre-occupied on a wild goose chase to apprehend the man, so they are paying as much as they can for someone to stop Clemens. He is rude and drunk, but still only a fragile human. Take caution, as seriously injuring him could lead to your own arrest. Reward: 100 GP
  15. At the current moment, we're working towards what we hope will be a very successful opening. To ensure such a lot of rules, descriptions, and templates will be made in the next few days. We hope that for the moment you'll keep an open mind while we sort everything out. It may look a little messy at first but in due time it will all be sorted and modified for it's initial release. Until then keep ready because it's going to be epic!
  16. Limited and Banned List While RPing here we may enforce restrictions on abilities that can be used. We do not have a starting list of Banned or Limited magics, as we wish to allow complete and total creativity among our members; To an extent. Moderators will be dealing with Magic and Techniques on a case-by-case basis to attempt to maintain fairness and reason within the RP. If any magics or techniques are deemed to broken to be properly nerfed, they will be placed here. Banned and Limited Go Ham
  17. INVASIONS Combat is something that is inevitable to happen on our site. So we want to make it more inviting and more organic for conflict to happen. Individuals are allowed to invade threads with proper reasoning and placement. What this means is invaders must have a solid IC reasoning for invading. This is to avoid OOC reasoning getting in the way of rping. If it is proven OOC reasons are involved then one can be punished. Placement refers to tracking someone down and finding said targets. One must logically enter and engage a target. This does not mean someone just pops into existence and attacks someone on a whim. This can be flagged and brought to mods vision for a ruling. Invaders: Up to two people can invade a topic at once. Only can be done if they are within one rank range below you, equal, or above you in rank. Example: An B rank can only invade C rank and above. The creator of the thread may call in help, so long as it makes sense in an IC setting. Retreat from Invasion: When one is invaded, they can attempt to flee the scene to avoid the combat all together. This must be done in a logical fashion. One cannot simply exit a thread to avoid combat. You must lose the invaders in pursuit and find a way to escape their detection before you can escape the thread. Victory Conditions: The invasion ends when one side has conceded or is knocked out. Infamy or Fame is awarded accordingly. Bounty Hunting Rules: Crime is everywhere and there are those who would see fit to be a public nuisance. There is enough crime to go around, sometimes even too much for the proper authorities. This is where the public comes in. Anyone with a sense of justice can put forth their effort to capture evil doers, villainous masterminds, or common criminals. Bounties are awarded to those who have committed criminal acts. Even those who have taken evil jobs or missions throughout the realms may earn themselves a bounty. Bounties transcend realms so there is no where one can hide from the law. The more heinous the crime, the higher the bounty and notoriety. That also makes one a bigger target and common folk are more likely to report sightings of said person. Higher the notoriety higher the bounty rewarded. Alive 100% of a bounty is awarded to the person who brings the target in. Dead 50% of a bounty is awarded to the person who brings the target in. Anyone can earn a bounty, evil, neutral and even some good guys. It is all determined on the actions made in a mission or normal thread. All sorts of things may fall into this category, public destruction, theft, murder and much more. This will land said person on the hit list for the law. Bounties can be claimed dead or alive. Of course if brought in alive you will be awarded more for your troubles. Depending on the bounty the said person will lose the ability to use PRIVATE | CLOSED | INVITE ONLY threads to avoid those who would willingly hide behind the tag to avoid detection, in turn they also gain the ability to freely invade threads with the aforementioned tags to go on the offensive. Only players who have a job related to the issuing of warrants may do so. Staff retains the right to ensure the fairness of bounties, but will generally not intervene with the issuing of said bounty. Those who abuse the job given to them IC may be targeted by those who seek justice either by way of a related quest, event, or IC situation. Prison When one is brought in for the evil deeds they have committed they will have to do some time. In other words they will have to type out a word count based on their bounty, pay bail, or perform a jailbreak. The person in question can not use their own funds to get out of jail. Jail Time: When one is locked away they may choose to actually rp their time in prison. This is the first way of being let out. This means meeting a word requirement for getting out by natural means. For every 50,000 GP on their bounty, they must type 500 words. Now with that being said each time someone is brought to jail we work on a strike system. 1st: Base value 2nd: Increases to 700 words per 50,000 GP 3rd: Increases to 900 words per 50,000 GP 4th: Life Sentence: The only way out is a breakout or in the grave. Threat Levels: Now in extremely special cases for high priority target, or those who have transcended normal criminal means, will have a special threat level awarded to them. These threat levels are awarded to God level threats. Those who reach this threat level will be deemed kill on sight. They are not to be kept alive for clear reasons. Wolf: Any potential threat or threat that poses a danger to an unknown degree. Tiger: Any threat to a large number of people. Demon: Any threat to a city and its people. Dragon: Any threat to an entire kingdom. God: A threat endangering the survival of an entire race.
  18. BATTLE ETIQUETTE This is more so a general guideline for fighting here on Code Babylon. Simple rules to remember and abide by for a smoother experience while rping with us. Fighting is weaved into the very fabric of roleplaying and can occur at any time. However, sometimes things can get a bit confusing and sometimes staff can be brought in. Timer: Individuals fighting have 48 hours from the last post to post accordingly. Should one not make this deadline they will be skipped, resulting in a possible loss depending on the situation. Exceptions are when a Battle Mod is called in. The thread will be paused until a ruling is made. This does not mean one should intentionally stall for other reasons. Some examples including but not limited to. Trying to get someone to save you from losing. Trying to get someone to write/call your hits. Calling Hits: We all know sometimes people make mistakes or do not react accordingly. One can try to call their hits through OOC and explaining. Or even using Direct/Private Messaging. This requires using evidence and comparing posts/quotes. Always try to speak with the person in calling hits, if there is a dispute still contact a Battle Mod. Battle Modding: When an issue arises, please try to discuss the issue with the individual in hopes of reaching an agreement. If not please contact a Battle Mod ASAP. Do not wait until the end of your 48 hours to post, you will get penalized for this. When calling a battle mod, please have your argument and evidence prepared. We are not going to make your argument for you. Battle Mods are there to mediate, confirm hits, and clear up any issues. Also when a Battle Mod is assigned to the thread. You cannot run to each Battle Mod in hopes of getting someone to side with you. The only time a second battle mod is called in is if there is something extremely wrong with the call. Sheet: Please, keep your sheet updated with the proper spells. Once in combat you are locked out from adding anything extra to it. If it is not on the Sheet you cannot use it. If you try to your post will be voided. Equipment/Pets: When going into battle, make sure to list what you are bringing into the thread. If you forget to mention pet/equipment, you cannot spawn it in. Spells: When using spells remember to list them in a spoiler. As well as correct mana usage. Keep track of it please.
  19. Missions Missions are one of the main ways to make income when traversing the world. Missions can be attained and turned it at various guilds and other establishments. Each mission will come with a requirement before it can be taken by a user. Upon requesting the mission you will be allowed to carry it out in a thread, however, it cannot be turned in until a moderator or higher determines that you have no conflicting topics or any restrictions at the time of the mission. Only 3 missions can be taken at a time, and it is required that the posts regarding them are in some way linked to reason. For example, after fighting Orcs in a cave, you cannot suddenly find yourself in a forest fighting Goblins in the same topic completing a different mission. A separate topic should be made for each topic with a general reason or logic as to how you end up completing the next quest. Each topic will be reviewed by staff in cases of multiple missions and some questions may be asked to verify authenticity. Shops Shops come in all shapes and sizes with plenty of things to buy or sell. There are many things to buy such as equipment, items, and materials. There is a major shop in every kingdom, village or realm if you wish to purchase something from the shop keep. Generally, most shops sell the same things except there are shops that only sell region specific items depending on what you're looking to buy. You can also sell appraised items for forty percent of its current value back to the NPCs. Shops not only provide raw materials but they could also provide many services such as making a weapon or teaching a recipe for a piece of equipment or making a technique book.
  20. The requirements below will be a basic guideline as to how many words will be needed for various activities. Please keep in mind that these may change if needed, and we will do our best to make them reasonable. Standard Post As a sign of respect, at least 100 words will be required during combat posts. Stat Training D - 200 C - 400 B - 800 A - 1200 S - 1600 X - 2000 Z - 2400 Missions D - 400 C - 800 B - 1200 A - 1600 S - 2000 X - 2400 Z - 2800
  21. Absorbing mana is an action of choice for a Magician. It's not passive and more like a toggle in mmos. As mana is taken in it harms the one doing it so I'm sure people would rather have control over that instead of it just doing it automatically.
  22. As a whole, this site works to emulate the real world when regarding matters of combat. Common sense should apply to most things however rules are needed for those who either are unfamiliar with roleplay combat or are simply looking to win regardless of whether it's fair or not. As such the rules below should act as a guideline in all fights. Moderators will be available to provide rulings for anything that does not seem clear cut and will be done in a professional manner to ensure fairness. If a ruling seems unrealistic or unfair it can be brought up to someone of a higher position, however once a final ruling is set no further discussion will take place. As with everything else on the site, these rules are subject to change and alteration, and all rules regarding said change will apply as described in the General Rules. Ranks and Damage Unless otherwise stated a character upon creation must be made with D as their starting rank. Character progression plays a major role in your development and will allow you to rank up down the line however everyone will receive the same starting line to promote fair play. Ranks are also a major part of your character, determining your character's various stats, attributes, and overall power when producing spells and techniques. A guideline will be provided below with descriptions towards damage and how a rank would apply within the world, as well as descriptions on how to gain said ranks. Damage - Damage overall is calculated in terms of D, C, B, A, S, X, and Z. Each rank is a qualitative leap in power from the next, being twice as strong as the previous rank. Below is a chart to better help understand as well as added descriptions to visualize how damage should play out. Unconsciously wielders of various combat styles have forms of protecting themselves from damage, unlike the general populace who rarely train their gifts. How damage hurts entities with Mana is different than how it affects others. While even minor attacks are enough to kill normal beings, Mana acts as a sort of natural barrier to mitigate damage. This is how damage effects PC's, as well as their environment. D - D D-Rank damage is enough to cause paper cuts, pierce through several layers of skin, and cause bruising. This amount of damage will begin breaking and splintering wood as well, though is not enough to break all the way through immediately. It can cut through normal cloth with ease, continuing through to the skin to deal full damage, while materials like leather will be cut through, but not enough to go all the way to the skin. C - 2D C-Rank damage is now enough to cut through all the layers of skin, penetrate ever so slightly into muscle, and cause severe bruising. This can potentially even bruise bone, depending on how the hit lands. Wood splinters and begins to break, leather is cut through and deals half damage to the person wearing it, and it can begin chipping away at the stone. B - 2C or 4D Now, attacks deal considerable damage. They cut through into muscle, pierce all the way to bone, and can potentially cause fractures as well as breaks of the bone. Wood is no longer an issue, even trees can be felled with one or two strikes. Rock is now being chunked away, leather only blocking for a small fraction of the damage. A - 2B or 4C or 8D These attacks may be deadly if used properly. They cut into bone, pierce through bone, and have a much easier time fracturing and breaking bones entirely. Trees are downed with a single strike, rock can be cut through and destroyed. These attack can leave limbs hanging by only muscle and skin. S - 2A or 4B or 8C or 16D The epitome of what most people shall reach. They cut through, pierce through, and crush bodies. Wood, rock, and metal can be decimated with your blows. X - 2S or 4A or 8B or 16C or 32D There is little in existence that you cannot destroy. Barriers are a joke, and you can easily gain the respect or fear of entire kingdoms. Z - 2X or 4S or 8A or 16B or 32C or 64D What is there left to claim? Where is there left to climb? You have forced your way into the realm of the Gods, and there is nothing left to stand in your way. Speed, Range, and AoE A technique or spells speed and range are all determined by the rank of the spell, each rank having a maximum speed restriction that must be adhered to. AoE techniques and spells allow a user to hit multiple targets at once, however as a side effect the damage of speed of the spell will be halved. Range D - 5m C - 10m B - 15m A - 20m S - 25m X - 30m Z - 40m Speed D - 25m/s C - 25m/s B - 25m/s A - 25m/s S - 35m/s X - 35m/s Z - 45m/s Under Construction.... AOE Ranges: "Question here is do we want AOE stuff to take a hit in damage in favor of explosions to avoid folks just spamming aoes cause they would be better than projectiles OR have projectiles buffed?" D - 2.5m Diameter C - 5m Diameter B - 10m Diameter A - 15m Diameter S - 25m Diameter X - 30m Diameter Z - 35m Diameter Stealth Abilities: Locked into B rank and above Sensory abilities: Aoe Defenses: Walls, domes, pillars, any stationary form of defense. Their sizes follow the AoE Rules. These are capable of blocking damage equivalent to their own rank. These are more effective at protecting groups and others around the user, but they do not form instantly. Full Body Defenses: Armors, shields, bucklers, etc are capable of blocking equivalent rank damage. These are effective for protecting one's self in a pinch, but also do not form instantly. These defenses mitigate the kinetic force within the attacks, preventing people from going flying too far.(you’re welcome, Gambit). Redirection type spells: These can be used so long as the magic involved can feasibly do so. Can only be done at equivalent ranks. Fatigue and Mana Consumption Just as you cannot run for hours on end, your character cannot fight for days upon days without the proper training and stamina. Those with higher ranks and training will naturally find themselves lasting longer than their weaker counterparts, however, fatigue and lack of resources should be described and used accordingly in fights. Should you have no mana or stamina left, you cannot simply jump 100m to safety to avoid an attack, no matter how much you don't want to take damage. Below is a guideline for mana consumption and fatigue that should be followed at all times. As the consumption of mana ties into a characters techniques and skills, it will directly affect stamina, whereas basic actions of combat should be roughly adhered to by the player themselves. We reserve the right to make judgments based on the flow of combat during our rulings, so keep mindful of how you handle a situation. Certain conditions can be controlled as they would in real life, such as calming your breathing and so on, however this is only within reason. This guide is simply to provide a rough idea as to how things should go. 90% - Mana, you're beginning to sweat. 80% - Starting to notice your breath pick up. 70% - You're starting to notice your chest heaving. 60% - You're noticing more sweat, taking deep breaths, starting to feel winded. 50% - You're starting to become physically tired, everything from 60%. 40% - You're feeling your muscles ache, your breath is labored, sweat is pouring down your body. 30% - Difficulty focusing. 20% - Cramping up, finding it hard to breathe, gasping now. 10% - You're fighting to stay conscious. 0% - Mind Down, resulting in loss of consciousness. Statistics Strength - Strength determines the actual, physical power output that characters can exhibit. This influences the power of a punch, a kick, a shove, etc. Strikes that do not end a fight deal that much damage to a person, which should be described as well as possible by both the user receiving the damage and the user dealing it. In order to knock out a user in a single strike, a blow must be landed to a vital area with a strength greater to that of the opponents endurance. This means that if a person with B rank strength strikes someone with B rank endurance, this person will be stunned but not knocked out yet. B strength on C endurance would result in a knockout. If endurance is greater than strength, the blow may still daze your opponent, but the damage dealt to that vital must surpass the total endurance to end up in a knockout. This means B rank strength would have to strike someone with A rank endurance in the temple 3 times before achieving a knockout. Endurance - Endurance is your maximum pain threshold. Endurance does not equate to a character's HP, but rather the absolute maximum amount of damage that a user can take before being knocked out if there are no finishing blows landed prior. The higher your endurance, the more pain you can justify being able to take. With D-rank endurance, losing an arm would make you pass out from sheer shock. With S rank, you may be able to grit your teeth through the excruciating pain. While greater strength will lead to an easier time knocking someone out, Endurance will help remain conscious. If you get dealt a fatal blow or a definite knockout though, no amount of endurance will save you. Speed - Speed describes how fast your character is. This stat directly influences your movement speed, increasing the maximum speed in which you can run and dash. Your move speed should not be mistaken as an ability to throw blows that quickly, though. While your speed directly increases your movement speed, your attack speed only increases vaguely. Someone with D-rank speed would slowly be overwhelmed in sustained hand to hand combat by someone with C-rank speed, and completely outclassed by someone with B rank speed due to the fact that this person has over double their tier in speed. This should not be taken as free reign to godmod people out of a fight due to differences in speed! There can, and will, be people who can properly describe their way out of situations even given such a gap. It is simply an advantage or disadvantage to keep in mind. Intellect - Intellect is how well your character can take in the information given to them and utilize it. Primarily, it allows them to better understand and utilize their natural mana pool, thus expanding how much mana they can use. More intelligence means more mana which means more techniques that may be used in a single thread. Charm - Charm is how well you can speak with others, and how well you influence NPC's. Even if your character is a bumbling buffoon, enough charm and you actually start to become endearing. Evil characters become better and using their language, verbal and otherwise, to get what they want. Good characters learn how to sew those sweet sweet words. Charm increases the reward you get from missions, the things you'll be eligible to do in events, and potentially even how well you gamble.
  23. Name: Element: Rank: (D, C, B, A, etc.) Description: System: (Aura, Magic, Psionic, etc.)
  24. Humans The race with the undisputed highest population on the continent of Eos. Humans have a staggeringly high rate of reproduction, commanding a realm of their own, created over a millennia ago. While not as physically strong as those of the various demon races Humans are frighteningly intelligent, capable of creating various tools and strategies to maintain their rule of the realm. While Humans and Demons have no existing conflict with one another it is also safe to say that there is no intention for strife in the near future due to the mystery that resides around the Human race. Using the tissue of magical beasts that have been captured or harvested in various areas of their realm humans have created various machinations that allow them to contend with monster and foe alike. These Machina are affectionately referred to as Silhouettes, their secondary titles being added on based on their function or classification. Base Stats Strength: D Endurance: D Speed: D Intellect: D Charm: D Racial Passive: Custom Base Stats - Humans receive an additional 2 D-rank stat points that can be allocated to a stat of their choice upon character creation. Sura The undisputed strongest combat race. As children, they are raised to be warriors, all equally capable of leading units of their own within a few years time. Due to their astonishing rate of growth and frightening longevity they are a race to be feared by those without sufficient strength. Many of the previous Kings of the Demon Realm have been of Sura decent, be it pureblood or half-breed. Their renown is known worldwide, and many wish to have a Sura partner of their own when trouble rears its ugly head. As a race dedicated to combat their intelligence is not as high as the other races, they are still quick-witted, cunning and great strategists. However, their abilities only truly shine in combat, lacking what most would call common sense. Only a rare few of their race are said to be 'normal' in their thought processes, either due to living for prolonged periods of time around other races, of different upbringing from a conventional Sura child. Sura's defining trait it small horns, be it one or numerous on their forehead, along their hairline, seemingly pushing up from under the skin. Common Sura generally having only 1 or 2 horns with some rare exceptions. Base Stats Strength: C Endurance: D Speed: D Intellect: C Charm: D Racial Passive: Increased Growth - Word Count requirement for stat training lowered to 75% (ex. Sura 75 words / Human 100 words) Gandharva A race of humanoid demons who base their lives around culture and arts. Regardless of age they always remain beautiful, their bodies emitting a breathtaking fragrance that is almost intoxicating when one is close enough to an individual of their race. Gandharva are raised to be peaceful by nature, never looking to create trouble or bring about altercations, however, this isn't to say that they are weak. Their race is endowed with a high potential for magic and a rare few wield strong Psionic power. Due to their high intelligence and love for culture, like musical instruments, their upbringing provides them with a high ability to multitask as well as parallel thinking. Gandharva's defining trait is an umbral ring, a halo so to speak within the iris of their eyes. The color of the ring varies depending on the person but will always manifest in anyone with Gandharva blood. Base Stats Strength: D Endurance: D Speed: D Intellect: C Charm: C Racial Passive: Increased Reaction Time - Max Reaction Time reduction increased to 0.075 Lycanthrope A race named after the first Lycanthrope, Sirius Alfade. Once a normal human, Sirius wandered into the Demon World during the Era of Strife, seeking power and riches. However, he was severely wounded in combat, left to die in an unknown forest. While crawling towards what he hoped would be civilization he collapsed near a stream, bathed in the moon's light. As if calling to him his waning consciousness was drawn to a beautiful white flower that radiated a white light. In his stupor he followed the calls of the mysterious voice around him, drinking the dew from the flower. The flower melted as he drank, turning into the very water itself that leaped into his mouth. It's power radiated within him and merged with his body restoring it and granting it mysterious abilities. Upon awakening and realizing the miracle of the flower he was surprised to learn that he had gained the power to reform his body to a certain extent in the image of a Wolf. He chose to worship this flower and this miracle, and over time created a kingdom through his own new found strength and the latent abilities of the flower. His descendants all retain the mutated genes he possessed, being able to change parts of their bodies into parts of an animal that is mysteriously decided upon at birth. While not all of their race take on the form of a true Lycan like their ancestor they all retain the same strength and ferocity for battle. Those born with the ability to change into a pure Lycan, however, are deemed Royalty regardless of their parental lineage and are raised within their Kingdom to be elites of their race, given the last name Moonlight, a name assumed by Sirius after creating his Kingdom. Regardless of their animal alter ego they do not tend to discriminate against one another all being of a noble race who values honor above all else. Many of their race tend to wield Aura in combat due to their nature and ability to transform, while a rare few deal in magic. Lycanthropes defining trait is their sharp canine teeth, while not as obvious as other races their original human lineage is the driving factor behind their lack of a more obvious trait in comparison to their demon brethren. Base Stats Strength: C Endurance: C Speed: D Intellect: D Charm: D Racial Passive: Strength(EX) - When in combat with an opponent of equal strength Lycanthrope will retain advantage during clashes of strength. (ex. Lycanthrope and Sura punch each other in face at the same time, Lycanthrope will be able to follow through with the punch and win exchange while still taking damage) Draconian Draconians are a noble race, beings of high intelligence and capability. While not as fast in the way of progression as Sura are they still are a strong contender. Draconians are a race with a life span said to rival the Dark Elves, being descended from the Elder Dragons themselves. As a descended race they naturally retain some abilities from their ancestors, namely Word Magic. An ability to convert one's feeling and will into power, said to be the original form of magic before it was made usable by the general public. A simple word from a Draconian can give rise to remarkable power. Due to it being an ability inherent to their race it naturally requires less skill for them to control, being more like second nature and allowing them to use less mana yet retain the destructive power of normal magic. However, as a form of magic, it still retains the side effects commonly known to plague magicians. Some Draconians tend to forgo power spells, relying more on their physical prowess for combat for more favorable fights. While others nurture their gift to become frightening masters of the magical craft. Draconians defining trait is their dragon like horns that protrude from their head. Unlike the Sura a Draconians horns are longer and generally tend to grow from the side or back of their head. While some rare few have horns on their forehead their size and shape can never truly be mistaken for any other race. In additiona, those of the draconian race have eyes similar to a dragon or snake, having slitted pupils. Base Stats Strength: D Endurance: D Speed: C Intellect: C Charm: D Racial Passive: Word Magic - Magic based on the user's will and determination, when used in conjunction with a spell damage will increase by one rank and mana cost will be halved. Nightmare Nightmares are a controversial race by nature, being unable to mate with people of their own race. As such they are sometimes referred to as individual species known as Succubus and Incubus. Both males and females of the Nightmare race are masters of mental manipulation, capable of charming their prey through combinations of various means. Nightmares are said to be the first Psionites due to their overwhelming intellect and cross breeding nature. While they cannot breed with one another they can easily produce offspring with other races, their overpowering genes will always produce an offspring with racial characteristics of a Nightmare, and a small semblance of their second parent's genes. As such a "pureblood" Nightmare is said to be a myth, however, should one ever come to be born their power is foretold to be monstrous. It is believed that the Nightmares inability towards interracial breeding is precisely because the power locked within their genes prevents the two opposing energies from mixing together. As a mixed race Nightmares may at times have traits from their respective parent, but the traits of the Nightmare parent can never be ignored. Their pupils can vary in shape, be it a star, diamond, heart, etc. as well as slightly pointed ears. Base Stats Strength: D Endurance: D Speed: D Intellect: C Charm: B Racial Passive: Charm (EX) - When dealing with situations that require the use of charm users charm will increase by an additional 20%. Dark Elf A race of beings with an unmatched longevity, loved by the spirits, and protectors of the World Tree. Dark Elves are foretold to be a race of Fairy's who threw aside their Virtues to protect the World Tree during the Era of Strife. Consumed by Sin they fought to their respective ends to protect what they held dear. Those of stronger will retained their sanity after the endless nights, only to live a life tainted by Sin and chained by the goal of redemption. Dark Elves are well liked by Spirits and animals alike, believed to be due to their ancestors sacrifice for the World Tree and it's resulting benevolence. Legend has it that every Dark Elf is born with Sin, regardless of their nature, however, should their character be pure and their actions noble they may one day wash themselves of Sin and regain their Virtue to become a true Elf. Those with a higher purpose are granted the "Power of the Fairy" a mysterious and frighteningly powerful ability to draw from the seemingly endless power of the World itself. Those who lack control often die from the one and only use this power provides. At birth, it is sealed within one eye of the child provided with its blessing and can only be opened by choice. It is unsure how one is meant to control this power, but only one such Dark Elf was ever able to wield it. Known as the Fairy King and creator of the Dark Elf Kingdom, the wielder of the Fairy was a kind yet powerful ruler whose name will always resonate through time. Dark Elves defining trait is tanned skin and pointed ears that are slightly longer than normal, not to be confused with those of Nightmares. Due to their long life span, after maturing for the first 15 years of their life span, Dark Elves tend to stop growing, retaining a youthful appearene only until they reach the end of their lives, upon which they will slowly age in a span of 100 years until their inevitable death. Base Stats Strength: D Endurance: C Speed: D Intellect: C Charm: D Racial Passive: Chance to obtain "The Power of the Fairy" + Boost to Spirit Magic - All Spirit Magic spells do 1.5x damage. Upon character creation, Dark Elves have a chance to obtain the Power of the Fairy, an ability that allows the user to steadily regenerate mana without the negative effects of absorbing mana from the world. Due to the Fairy filtering the mana and manipulating it for the wielder the quality of said mana will be perfect for spells and increase damage by 1.5x. When used alongside Spirit Magic, however, damage will increase and cap at 2x, regardless of additional passives.