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  1. The Aegis Gate is a fortified structure, similar to a Great Wall that stretches across the Northern border of Grisaia, separating the Northern Limit Line from the Kingdom. Strengthened by magic and military might this wall has remained standing since its creation 2000 some odd years ago. Due to various forms of magic the gate serves as a border between the Kingdoms green grasslands, and the Northern Limit Lines tundra wasteland. Protected by 2 of the 5 Captain, this Gate is said to be the safest, yet deadliest battleground.
  2. The Kingdom of Grisaia is currently in a peaceful state, ruled by the current Demon King and maintained by his elite squad of 5 Captains. However, peace only lasts within the walls of the Kingdom. Constant threats of invasion from the Limit Lines are an almost daily occurrence. While this is nothing new, and many have grown accustomed to this it does not mean that the situation may not one day change. The Barbarian tribes of the various Limit Lines have changed their normal tactics of reckless aggression and are becoming smarter, it may be attributed to a change in leadership or an overall progression of their society, no one knows for sure at this moment. For the citizens of the Kingdom, however, peace is absolute. The races all coexist under the law of the strong, set by Mitra Ignus and those before him. To Demons, strength is absolute and they find no need to question one who holds enough power to both rule the Kingdom and Destroy it if he so chooses. Despite how it may sound they do not necessarily fear him, and more so respect him, all aware of his nature as a ruler who serves his people in a righteous manner. As a result the Kingdom in its current state is prosperous and is steadily progressing through its Golden Age. Demon King Mitra currently rules with his 6 wives and various concubine, having at least 1 from each race. Be the marriage diplomatic or passionate he is well respected regardless.
  3. The Kingdom of Silhouette Gear. The progenitor of the Gear Series, due to their geographic location within the realm their access to resources in making Silhouettes is lacking, however, they easily make up for it with their intelligence. Creating the minimalistic Silhouette Gears, the Kingdom of Jura has produced a smaller more mobile suit made for multiple forms of combat. While not as strong and overpowering as a Silhouette Knight or Warrior, their advanced degree of mobility and stealth allows for frightening tactics. The Gear Series alone has allowed the Jurans to maintain a stalemate against the Kingdom of Lestat for over a century.
  4. The Kingdom of Silhouette Knights. The progenitor of the Knight Series, always in constant feud with Jura over technology in resources, stems from their long history with one another and their current geographic location. As a Kingdom residing in the South West they are plagued by the Limit Lines giant monster species. However, this also works to their benefit, using the defeated monsters as resources for their Knights. Their army of Knights is the largest amongst the 3 Kingdoms.
  5. The Kingdom of Silhouette Warriors. As a former Kingdom of Soldiers and Slaves, they lack the original knowledge that the other 2 Kingdom possesses in the field of Silhouettes. However, what they lack in knowledge they make up for in general strength. Using the fact that they are a militaristic Kingdom who had no prior relation to the other two Kingdoms they have at times used their conflict to their advantage to capture and study the other two Kingdoms Silhouettes. As a result, the quality of their Silhouette Warriors is lower, being second-hand products or poor quality reproductions but their ingenuity has allowed them to create models of Silhouettes outside the norm, not restricted by the human form.
  6. Characters from other forums may be brought over to the site for a certain time, how long this will be in effect will be up to my decision and may change with the development of the site. For the time being those who wish to bring their previously made characters over may do so, so long as the situation regarding their entry into the world has a valid reasoning behind it. i.e. Summoned by a Sorcerer, Died and Reincarnated, Fell into a Magical Portal etc. Those characters will have their ranks, levels, stats etc. carried over depending on the situation and in a way that does not negatively influence the site. Money, items, and the like will be taken into consideration but promises cannot be made as fairness is the number one goal.
  7. Eos, one of the few known continents of the world. A land once torn by war, left devoid of life now struggles to rebuild and maintain its now unstable peace. It's inhabitants separated by wastelands and beast riddled territories. Only a mere 2000 years have passed since the Age of Strife, a time where brother was pitted against brother and many races were sent to extinction. Prosperous civilizations were lost only to be replaced with ruins and forgotten stories of their once divine rule. While the wounds of such an era still remain, those who have survived strive to return to their former glory, albeit in their own way. The race of Humans has settled into the Southern reaches of the land, forming cities, towns, and kingdoms of their own. From their mistakes they have learned many things, creating various tools and machinations to better stabilize their lives. Using their various resources they have created Knights, larger and stronger than those of its original meaning. With them, they maintain order within their Kingdoms, subjugate beasts to protect their lands, and regrettably quarrel amongst one another for power. While intelligent, Humans are eternally subject to greed, corrupted by power and seemingly doomed to repeat their mistakes. However, that does not apply to everyone. There are always those who seek peace and prosperity, those with noble mindset who work to undo the wrongs of their forefathers and stop those who wish to do harm. Each kingdom currently struggles for power to maintain order or create more chaos, but only time will tell who will prevail in the realm of Humans. Unlike their Human counterparts, Demons and their respective realm currently live in a stable time of peace. Brought together under the Monarchy of the Demon King, and ruled by the rules of the strong, various races of Demons have coexisted for the past 2000 years without incident. This, however, does mean that there is no fighting. While not internally, battles still plague the Demon Realm, coming from an external force that resides within the Limit Lines. Known simply as barbarians, various races who have chosen to not live under the rule of the Demon King fight for the last pieces of land that exist within the realm. Kept at bay behind various walls and forts the Demon Race constantly strives to protect themselves from invaders and have thus become more close to one another as a result, one of the many reasons for their well kept 'peace'. At this time the Demon King, Mitra rules alongside his wives of various races and assorted concubines. His betrothal to each serve as a bond between races, but their marriages are more than just political. While Demon King Mitra may seem stoic, he is actually very warm hearted and loves all within his kingdom deeply, especially his wives and confidants.
  8. Name: Pest Extermination Rank: D Description: A local farmer is having trouble with giant rats that have been eating his crops. Kill ten of them and you will be rewarded. They are puppy-sized rats, so do not take them on lightly. Try not to cause too much destruction to the soil. The farmer still needs to make crops. Reward: 100 GP
  9. At this very moment missions are being added into the site that will provide users with a form of income for the site, as well as something to do in between regular social and combat threads. Each mission will have a rank and reward as stated in its respective regulations. While the number of missions may not be many at the moment they are repeatable and we do welcome suggestions for more missions. Those who provide ideas or missions themselves will be rewarded in a way that reflects their participation. To help keep things neat in regards to that the support tab has been altered for the moment to allow for ideas and suggestions for various "departments". You can navigate to it using the support tab above, or use the link here. Please use the templates below to provide your ideas in each ticket. [b]Quest Name:[/b] [b]Rank:[/b] [b]Description:[/b] [b]Item Name:[/b] [b]Rank:[/b] [b]Description:[/b] [b]Event Name:[/b] [b]Description:[/b] [b]Reward:[/b]
  10. Name: Apprenticing for Undertaker Rank: D Description: There is an undertaker working for a small town that was just hit by a freak plague. Almost everyone is dead and the survivors want a proper burial for each and every dead person. The undertaker is willing to pay anyone who will help him to bury bodies before the next day. Reward: 100 GP
  11. Name: Apprenticing for Blacksmith Rank: D Description: A local blacksmith just lost her previous apprentice in a freak accident with molten iron. She is paying anyone to help her for at the least a day. While she goes about hiring a new permanent apprentice. She will instruct you how to forge properly before she leaves. Forge one dozen basic long swords before she gets back and you will . Reward: 100 GP
  12. Name: Local Mentoring Rank: C Description: Residents of the Kingdom have a problem concerning how the youth are being raised. They roam the streets in small gangs bullying those less fortunate. You have been tasked with seeking out one of these small groups and intimidating them into submission. Have a talk with them and send them on the right path. Or you can scare them into submission. Don’t forget: they’re only kids, do not hurt these kids or you will fail this mission.
  13. Name: Community Service Rank: D Description: Public officials have offered a good sum of money to help the local senior day center with activities to keep the seniors entertained. Do what you can do, as long as you don’t damage the property. Board games, a show or even finding a movie to watch is appreciated. Reward: 100 GP
  14. Name: Public Disorder Rank: D Description: A man by the name of Samuel Clemens has appeared at the local being drunken and disorderly. Local authorities are too pre-occupied on a wild goose chase to apprehend the man, so they are paying as much as they can for someone to stop Clemens. He is rude and drunk, but still only a fragile human. Take caution, as seriously injuring him could lead to your own arrest. Reward: 100 GP
  15. At the current moment, we're working towards what we hope will be a very successful opening. To ensure such a lot of rules, descriptions, and templates will be made in the next few days. We hope that for the moment you'll keep an open mind while we sort everything out. It may look a little messy at first but in due time it will all be sorted and modified for it's initial release. Until then keep ready because it's going to be epic!